Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just a Conversation

We had spent a long morning filming and I was TIRED of it. So tired of it. The lake was beautiful, the weather was nice and I enjoyed breathing in the fresh air. However, after long hours of playing a filming violin, (which actually didn't play much) and smiling while the camera swept over the orchestra, I had ceased to find enjoyment. We were filming the orchestra and choir in nature settings for the newest DVD that FVA was putting out. I was sitting with WayAnne and Melissa on a short little overhang covered with moss. Little twigs poked up through the skirt and were quite annoying until hunger pains for lunch took over. Two hours later we were finally able to get off the the rock and go eat some lunch. I grabbed the sandwich and some extra pickles and sat down on a log, hardly noticing that I was sitting beside a lady that was visiting to watch the filming and check out the school for her kids. She was nice and tried to start up a conversation with me. Sadly, I was way to concerned with eating my food and hardly looked at her while I mumbled my one word answers. After a few attempts, she asked what I was going to major in and, after swallowing a bite, I answered and told my plans of taking theology. She was very surprised, since thats not the typical thing for a highschool girl to want to do, but she was very encouraging. We then started in a conversation that made me forget my food altogether. She started telling me that her husband was an atheist and that she had been persecuted for going to church and for keeping her faith. She sent her kids to church school and to church faithfully but she was disappointed because the church seemed more concerned with entertainment rather then the pure gospel. She then asked me very earnestly to be the spiritual leader that taught nothing but the pure gospel and to teach the youth the power in untainted religion. She kept persisting in this request and I kept agreeing and promising with my whole heart that I would do my very best through God to meet her request.
She was a blessing and an encouragement to me that day, like an affirmation from God that this was His plan for my life. I'm only glad that she kept persisting in conversation until I was smart enough to put down my food and actually listen. (note: don't ever be to busy with food that you can't take time to be polite and give people conversation.)

The way the Lord has been leading these past months I am beyond a shadow of a doubt of what I am supposed to do with my life and the conversation on the log at Seton Lake was just another small arrow of affirmation pointing me on my way.

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